Rise of Olympus

slot review (Play'n'Go)

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Graphics 92%
Sounds 92%
Fun 87%
Volatility 79%
Novelty 80%
Overall 85%

Regular game:

Cascading reels game from Play’n’Go set on 5×5 grid. Game engine is borrowed from the Moon Princess game, so those are identical games only with different graphics and sounds. 

This time around, three Greek gods are running things – Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. Each will give you a different type of help during the game. Unlike other cascading reels games, new symbols are not falling into the grid when winning combination disappears. Rather, the goal is clear the grid by using all the symbols.   


Anytime there is a winning combination of three or more symbols in line vertically or horizontally, the middle symbol becomes wild and the ones on sides disappear. Strangely, this does not apply to 4 symbol wins, I guess there is no middle symbol there. Anyways, remaining wilds fall down and you hope to have new combinations formed. Each following combination made during the same “spin” pays with a higher multiplier – 2x, 3x and so on. There is a meter on the side showing you the combinations made and their multipliers. There is always one of the gods on the side keeping an eye on the action. Randomly, on non winning spins, they will interfere. Zeus destroys two sets of same symbols, Poseidon adds two wilds and Hades will transform one set of symbols to another one. 


There is also another meter on the side, divided into three sections. You need to fill it up for a Wrath of Olympus sequence to start. You get one section filled for one 3 symbol combination, two for 4 symbols and all three for 5 symbols combination of gods in one spin/tumble. Wrath of Olympus feature means all three gods will be taking turns using their abilities during the same spin. It is pretty much the best chance you will have to clear all symbols and start the free spins bonus. Also, in the bonus round, you can choose which god will be the one helping you, this time mandatory on any non winning spin. Also number of free spins depends on the god chosen. In the bonus there is no resetting of multipliers and you can re trigger additional spins, both up to 20 times. Phew, that’s a lot of info.  


To be honest, I am not a fan of games that I can not figure out myself what is going on. That is what was happening when I started playing Rise of Olympus. But, once you get to understand what is what, it is excellent game, and with so many twists and features. So, it is a game for connoisseurs that will not mind spending a bit more time to learn what is going on. Probably my favourite Play’n’Go game at the moment.

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