I started playing slots when I was, well, almost 18. That passion became a job to which I dedicated close to 30 years of my life. 

I have managed land based Casinos for good part of that time. Due to recent events, I’ve had more time to find out what is going on in the online Casino gaming industry and I was very surprised how much have the online games advanced. I think now that the best online games are far better and more exciting than any that brick and mortar Casino games can offer. They evolve much faster and constantly show amazing level of innovation. That is not easy to achieve with classic land based slots. 

Although there seemed to be a good level of distrust and doubt on the virtue of online Casinos when they first started showing up, this has changed in recent times as many reputable operators started with online operations. I firmly believe this is the most important direction Casino gaming and entertainment will be going towards in the future. 

Because of that and because I love the games, I’ve decided to start this site. 


Why You Tube views count?

Simply, there are no unbiased slot rankings to be found on the internet. Vast majority are commercial adverts. 

Youtube view count offers a fair view of what is popular. That can not be adjusted, it is what it is. Whatever game has reached more viewers, it has to be more familiar and popular with players and game lovers. 

Obviusly, it is a difficult task to find all the games available, especially new ones, and I’m not pretending to have it done perfectly. But, rankings are a good indicator on what is popular. 

Editor’s choice is my personal opinion and ranking.  

Please send your suggestions by mail, or comments in News posts or through any other Slotplayer.eu social media outlet. I will review all the games suggested and hopefully some will make it to the rankings.