Money Train

slot review (Relax Gaming)

Graphics 92%
Sounds 93%
Fun 96%
Volatility 95%
Overall 95%

Regular game:

One more game that is innovative and exciting. Money Train is played on 5×4 grid with stacked symbols on reels, meaning you can collect a full screen of certain symbol even in the regular game. Maximum win is 20,000 your bet and we will see that in the final video.  

Game play is on the slower side, but you can speed it up with the quickspin button in the upper right corner. It does speed things up, but not dramatically. You can see the speed comparison in this video.      



In the regular game, Sheriff symbol has the highest value. The three outlaws pay less but they become very important in the Bonus. What I found cool is that in the regular game, outlaw symbols do not have bandana over their face. But, they do in the bonus, as if they are going to rob a train! Oh yeah, also regular game is being played during the day time, while the bonus happens at night. Really cool details.

To start the bunus, you need to collect three Bonus symbols on reels 1,3 and 5. I find that the only shortcoming of the game, it would have been much more exciting if bonus symbols would have been available on all five reels, it would add to the excitement as bonus potential spins would happen more often. 


You can just buy the bonus round for 80 times your bet, which is a great feature if you get bored with the base game. 

Bonus play is great. You start with 3 free spins and that resets every time you collect a box with multiplier. Multipliers are summing for a total that will be your win for the bonus. Where is gets interesting is that you can also get the outlaw symbols where each one has different ability, kind of Justice League group. For example, outlaw girl adds her multiplier to all other boxes, guy with the sombrero (maybe Mexican) throws a dynamite and widens the grid. Other two special symbols are the most valuable –  Persistent Collector and Persistent Payer. Check out the Persistent Collector in action in this video.


Persistent Payer, in the form of machine gune, is even better than Collector. Then, if you get two of those, party can start like in this video. With the help of two machine guns, they have reached the maximum of 20,000 the bet!

Money Train is excellent game. Bonus reminds of the Lightning Links that is a household brand in land based Casinos. But Money Train bonus gives so much more variety with different symbols that makes it much better and much more exciting than simple Lightning Links.   


Easter Egg:

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Looks like the game creator, or whoever worked on it, put in the names of his (or her) kids in the game. When the bonus round starts, the names of Erik and Helga are written on the bottom right corner of the train door. Nice one!