Money Train 2

slot review (Relax Gaming)

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Graphics 92%
Sounds 91%
Fun 95%
Volatility 98%
Overall 96%

Regular game:

Here is the long awaited sequel to one of the best and the most original slot games ever. It has been released less than a year after the original, with Relax Gaming obviously eager to build on the popularity of the first game. Game itself seems to have been set in the alternative future of the Wild West. It is set on the 5×4 playfield and declared RTP is 96,4% overall and then really high 98% for the bonus feature. In addition, volatility is cranked up and now the Top award is 50,000 times the bet, comparing to the 20,000 of the original. Maximum bet has been lowered now though, so total amount that is possible to be won is the same.        


Obviously, to get the increased top award, you need to cut elsewhere. The basic game is far from exciting. The main feature is re-spin that is awarded as a consolation prize if only two bonus scatters land on the screen, instead of three that are needed to start the bonus. Each of the scatters then reveals a multiplier that is added together and they apply to the next spin’s win. If the next spin is not a winning one, an additional 1x multiplier is added. That keeps going on until something is won and then multiplied with the accumulated multiplier. Not a bad feature to at least spicy up a bit the regular game. Example in this video. 


This is definitely the best part of the game, and probably one of the best bonus rounds of all slot games. It is at least as exciting as the original, and then further improved. It is started with 3 spins, but the counter resets back to 3 after each spin that managed to collect at least one symbol. Bonus symbols carry a multiplier from 1 to 10x, but now there are also Golden bonus symbols that multiply from 20 to 200 times. Then there are special symbols that each have their unique ability. In this version, the guy with dynamite that expanded the playfield is left out, now it expands when any of the lines is completely filled. But, new types have been added that make the bonus even more interesting. Below is the list.  



Bonus continued:

  • Payer – adds its value to all other symbols.
  • Collector – collects the value of all other symbols and adds to itself.
  • Collector/Payer – combination of the two above, first collects then adds the value to all others. 
  • Sniper –doubles the value to a random number between 3 to 8 symbols. 
  • Necromancer – brings back to action a random number of the above-listed symbols to do their business again. This is the guy with electricity in the logo of the game. 
  • Reset Plus – resets the number of spins and adds one more to the count. 
  • Persistent payer – adds its own value to all other symbols after every spin. 
  • Persistent Sniper – doubles the value of up to 8 symbols on every spin. 
  • Persistent Collector – collects all values every spin and adds to itself.  
Obviously, special symbols make the difference, but also the timing of getting those is extremely important. It makes the difference if you get Persistent Payer at the beginning of the bonus or at the end. 


Yes, this is a worthy sequel to what was already a fantastic game. Bonus is further enhanced with more of the interesting special symbols. Top Award is cranked up and we can expect some more huge wins to be shown online, just like in this video. The only weakness is the regular game that is kind of boring, and it takes a while to trigger the bonus. You will probably pretty quickly end up just buying the bonus for 100x the bet. I also miss the Easter Egg drawing of Erik and Helga that was on the door of the Money Cart in the original. That was omitted this time around.