Clover wheel

slot review (CT Gaming)

Graphics 90%
Sounds 80%
Fun 88%
Volatility 77%
Overall 86%

Regular game:

Clover Wheel is the latest slot game by the renowned manufacturer and publishing studio CT Gaming. The game is set on 5 by 3 playfield with 20 lines in play. Graphics are excellent, as expected from CT Gaming, and sounds are standard for a slot that exists both in real Casinos as well as in the online ones.  Betting levels range from 20 cents to the maximum of 10 Euros per spin. What is nicely done is the shortcut to automatic betting levels. Just press Total Bet and then choose the level you want to bet for the next spin. This feature is largely omitted by most online studios. On most, if not all, games it takes a while to change the bet. Players in real life Casinos love to bet different amounts for each spin, trying to get lucky. And it is not surprising, that a real-life manufacturer like CT came up with this concept for online games too. I only wish the button deck stayed on at all times. As it is, a player needs to click twice every time.   


There are a few new features that CT has added to what is their usual gameplay to spice things up. The first one is the usual player’s favorite – Wheel of Fortune. It is simple, effective, and exciting at the same time. To start the feature, 3, 4 or 5 Clover Wheel symbols need to be collected anywhere on the reels, like in this video. Those will give 1,3 or 6 spins of the wheel respectively. Each spin of the Wheel awards the line bet times 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, or 1,000. Then all the wins are summed and this can amount to a nice win like in this video. 

Mini Bonus:

Another added feature is the Mini Bonus. Basically, any time 5 or 6 Ladybug symbols are collected, the game stores the total bet value in the special Mini Bonus counter. Mini Bonus can be won anytime from 10 to 20 spins after the last bonus trigger. 20 is the maximum, it has to be won then. It might have been more exciting if the number of accumulated bets was displayed, but it works this way too. This is definitely an interesting concept that reminds me of a similar gameplay style on some Poker variants which has now been adapted to the regular slot game. Declared RTP is 96,40% which is quite good and the Top Award stands at the nice 10,000. 



Clover Wheel is an innovative game with a few interesting concepts that will certainly become CT’s trademarks. The game itself is not very volatile, meaning that it will not deplete your starting funds in a short time, but will rather offer steady gameplay. Nice medium-sized wins such as this one in the video will keep you playing and hopefully, that will eventually give you a chance for the maximum win of 10,000. 

Clover Wheel is already available in a number of online Casinos, including VulkanVegas,, or just to name a few.