White Rabbit Megaways

slot review (Big Time Gaming)

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Graphics 89%
Sounds 92%
Fun 93%
Volatility 87%
Overall 92%

Regular game:

White Rabbit is another hit from Big Time Gaming. Just as it’s sibling Extra Chilli, it uses different size symbols. Because of that, the number of combinations is different every spin, and it is shown as Megaways at the center top of the screen. There can be a maximum of 248,832 ways to win. 

Game is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and all familiar characters, hence the name of the game. Looks like only Alice is missing. Sounds go well with the game.   


The gameplay is good and interesting. Every now and then Caterpillar (Absolem is the name) wakes up and puffs a few smoke rings on the playfield that turn into Wild multipliers. Obviously, most of the time that won’t be much of a help, but sometimes it can just come in handy like it did in this video where they helped me for a win of 158 times the bet. 

To get into the bonus, you need to collect three White Rabbit symbols on reels 2,3 and 4. Alternatively, you can just buy it for 50 times the bet, or whatever the current price will be. That depends on collecting BTG symbols that lower the price as you play. 


Great and exciting bonus! You start with 15 free spins and need to collect Cupcakes in order to increase the reel size. Every time the reel grows, obviously, there are more opportunities to win because there are more combinations. If you manage to collect enough Cupcakes to reach 12 positions on the reel, you get extra spins. With the 12 positions on each reel, you can get to the already mentioned 248k possible combinations. This is what best bonus rounds do, they build up the excitement as the game moves on, rather than just paying the Jackpot in an instant of a second. 

This is just a great bonus play, and you can’t wait for cupcakes to start piling up. I managed to win 128 times the bet in this round. Not that much, but still was fun.     


Just watch what happens when you reach all 248,832 combinations and have 10 more spins to go in this video! These guys deserve so much more than measly 30k views for this win.

The verdict is that White Rabbit is a great game. One thing. I wish BTG removed a bit the level of payments in the regular game but made the bonus hit more often. It can take a long time to collect three White Rabbits on particular 3 middle reels. Not as hard as Dolphin’s Pearl, but not too far from it either.