slot review (Play'n'Go)

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Graphics 92%
Sounds 92%
Fun 77%
Volatility 79%
Overall 79%

Regular game:

This is a cascading reels game set on the 7×7 grid. Object is to collect at least five connected aliens for a win. Winning symbols will the disappear, giving possibility for new combinations. If you connect four symbols in a square, any combination using that square will pay double. If you do not connect for any combination, there is a possibility that the main character, Gargatoon, will randomly spray the field with 4 to 8 wilds.  

This gameplay is not an unusual one. Graphics are cute and music is OK, setting a nice atmosphere. 


Every time you make a win, Quantum machine in the right corner gets charged up. If it reaches up to five charges, then the Gargatoon will be unleashed to the grid, more on that in Bonus section. Otherwise, Quantum will start one of the four features – Implosion, Incision, Demolition, or Alteration. They all have to do with changing the existing symbols to wilds or something more favorable. And yes, it is complicated.  


A bonus would be when Quantum reaches five charges and Gargantoon gets to have a go on the field. All his positions are wild. Gargantoon initially starts as 3×3 character for a first combination, then splits into two 2×2 Gargantoons, only to eventually divide into 9 small symbols, all being wilds. 

So, let’s say bonus lasts for 3 spins, however, to get into it you need to charge the Quantum machine, so that takes some time and connected winning combinations. So, maybe Gargantoon play can be considered as a happy ending for a nice long streak of winning combinations.   


This game is too complicated for my taste. Game pace is fast and often you can’t even notice what lands where and what you would need to get to make some wins. Bonus round, if you consider it a bonus, is kind of short and there is no building up of excitement, but rather watering it down with Gargantoon going from 3×3 to 1×1.    

However, YouTube is loaded with videos of people winning good sums on Reactoonz, so it might just be me that thinks it is not as exciting and too difficult to grasp compared to the competition.