Lucky Lady's Charm 6 Deluxe

slot review (Novomatic)

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Graphics 38%
Sounds 23%
Fun 37%
Volatility 83%
Overall 45%

Regular game:

Another blast from the past. Honestly, game looks like it’s being run on Commodore 64, but it certainly is a brand just like Book of Ra. 

This is the 6 reel “deluxe” version of the game. Meaning you can bet a bit of extra to have the sixth reel in play, as opposed to the older, regular five reel game. 



Particularly funny are the sounds when a special symbol, pearl (or magic orb or whatever it is) between Luck Lady’s hands, in this case, hit. Collecting at least three of those starts the bonus round.

That pearl hits quite often on the first reel, so you get to hear “bip” a lot. As a credit to the game developers, bips sound different on different reels, so you get used to it after a while.

Also, worth mention is the sound combination of ticking clock and cash register bell when bonus is about to start. Hypnotizing. 


Well, Bonus starts with 15 free games that pay 6 times the usual. That is if you played with the sixth reel active, otherwise you get 3 times multiplier, like the good old original. Nothing exciting about that, but I must admit it can lead to some nice wins. 

I guess the effort to make the bonus special was that the reels are not spinning, but each position rather reveals itself one by one. I guess that kind of graphics choice was revolutionary at the time. 



Lucky Lady’s charm is another classic game that made a successful transition from the physical slots in 80s to the online afterlife. 

For older fans, this is a trip down the long memory lane. 

But, it seems that the younger generation still likes to have a go at it, since there can still be some nice wins, like in this video.

It is obvious that Novomatic has a classic game on hand. it’s pity not to use it and do a face lift, maybe like Lucky Lady’s charm 2020 or something, along the old classic.