Lucky Clover

slot review (CT Gaming)

Graphics 88%
Sounds 80%
Fun 88%
Volatility 82%
Overall 87%

Regular game:


Lucky Clover is Irish themed slot from CT Gaming. It is set on 5×3 grid and has five active paylines. Now, that might seem low number given that most of the games nowadays come with more lines in play, but at the same time it makes the game simpler and easier to follow. Obviously, less lines means that lining up three or more symbols pays more than what is the usual on multi lines games. And additionally it allows for a low starting bet of 5 cents that can be maxed up 5 Euro/USD. That is a nice spread. Graphics are excellent and sounds are essential, while game pace is good and it can be further hastened by pressing twice the Spin button. Shown in this video. 




There are two types of Scatter symbols, Bananas and Stars. Bananas appear only on reels 1,3 and 5 so Stars are easier to get. Wild symbols in the form of Irish four leafed clover appear on reels 2,3 and 4. Very useful feature is that if a single Wild lands, it will expand to the entire reel if it can be used in a combination. Symbols are stacked so you can collect a full screen of the same symbol for a nice win. Even missing a a few makes for nice medium sized win. That happens relatively often and will likely put you ahead of your starting amount, like in this video.

Double up:

Signature feature from CT Gaming is the double up. Now, because double up does not include any house advantage in it, it is enabled for any win under 25x the bet and can be used up to 50x the bet. On the other hand, you can half your winnings and double the rest just like in this video. You can also decide to go for quadrupling the win if you guess the correct card suit. Obviously, at 4:1 chances, that is more difficult than doubling, but it also pays more. All said, you should try to double as often as possible. It can be frustrating but also very rewarding, but it is the best bet you can make in any Casino game.


Lucky Clover is simple but good looking and fast game. The simplicity and pace are also its strong points and I did enjoy playing the game. It is not the most volatile game you will find around, but that means wins will come often and then can be multiplied by doubling or quadrupling. This reminds me of a game play on Jacks or Better poker type of games that are very popular with experienced Casino players, only with different game mechanics. Check out the nice win in this video, only a few symbols away from the full screen of Plums.