Fat Santa

slot review (Push Gaming)

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Graphics 92%
Sounds 92%
Fun 98%
Volatility 87%
Overall 96%

Regular game:

Great game! Fat Santa is fresh, great looking and very exciting, with some new and really cool features. It is built as a successor to the Fat Rabbit game that has become very popular.  

Base game is played on 5 by 5 grid with 50 pay lines active. Graphics are cartoon style, with all the characters you would expect around Santa at Christmas time.

Obviusly, Christmas music playing in the background sets up the mood. 



The regular game is spiced with the Santa riding his sled every now and then across the screen and spreading the random number of wild symbols to the play grid. Check out the Santa in action in this video, followed by the bought bonus round that ended very well. Yes, that is another great feature, you can just pay 80 times your bet and just buy your way to the bonus, skipping the regular game altogether. This is an add on the predecessor Fat Rabbit. 

Otherwise, you can just wait to collect one Santa and one pie which starts the bonus. Unlike most of the other games that need three symbols to start the bonus, here you need only two. As you will see, it is all about Santa eating pies in the bonus. 



Bonus is simply fantastic. You start with small Santa (his symbol is wild) occupying the single position. You start with 5 free spins and within those, you need to collect 4 pies that Santa will eat so to move to next round. Santa grows to 2×2, 3 additional free spins are awarded but now you need to collect 5 pies. If this is accomplished, then Santa grows to 3×3 and game keeps going on until you manage to collect required number of pies. 

What is great is that when Santa gets bigger, that means more connected wilds on the screen and each spin can have a huuge payoff because of that.   


You can check in this video what happens when Santa grows to 4×4 and eventually to full 5×5 screen for massive payoffs. Especially cool are those spins at the end, when Santa is already 5×5. You actually don’t see anything spinning, but wins are repeated max payouts because Santa is full screen already. Must have been fun, Casino Daddy!

This is a fantastic game! It is great looking, fun to play and the most important, it is very exciting. Bonus structure in levels going up builds up the excitement and you always have a wish to give it another try. I think this will become a classic game.