The Sword and the Grail

slot review (Play'n'Go)

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Graphics 86%
Sounds 85%
Fun 72%
Volatility 84%
Overall 79%

Regular game:

This is a 5×3 grid slot with 20 pay lines. As the title suggests, medieval theme with some heroic music playing in the background, although it does get heavy on the ears after a while. The game pace is good.  

The most important symbol is the Grail as it is a Wild symbol that can come with multipliers, more on that later on. Getting 3 or more Sword symbols gets you to the bonus round. I guess that’s why the game is called The Sword and the Grail. 


As expected from the 20 lines game, regular play is the usual. The feature is the sword in the top center of the screen. It can randomly move to the right before the spin and increase the Grail multiplier for that particular spin. So, if the Sword moves to the 10x level and you get a Grail during that spin, Grail will be wild and multiply the winning combination by 10 times. 

You can see how that works in this video. 


You start bonus round with 5 free spins. As usual, you need to collect Sword symbols and move to the next stage to get additional spins and multipliers increase. The goal is to reach the 100x multiplier and you need to collect 18 Swords for that.

Catch 22 is that not only you need to reach the higher multiplier, but then also the Grail symbol (with that multiplier) to get some meaningful wins. So, even if you reach 100x multiplier, it is not a guarantee of a good win. 


I guess it is not a bad game, just it did not keep me entertained for a long time. Bonus can be OK, but that’s about it. You will need to get two 100x Grails for a fantastic win.   

However, that doesn’t seem impossible, it looks like there are a few guys that managed to combine that, like in this Roshtein video.