40 Treasures

slot review (CT Gaming)

Graphics 89%
Sounds 79%
Fun 87%
Volatility 80%
Overall 84%

Regular game:

40 Treasures is a game from renowned Bulgarian publisher CT Gaming. It is a fruit game, which is the bread and butter genre on regular slots, especially in Europe. It is set on 5×4 playfield with 40 lines selectable to play. Graphics are solid, just like most fruit games, but sounds are basic and as expected from the games adapted from regular slot machines, like the Book of Ra or Lucky Lady’s Charm.




Game features Scattered symbols and expanded wilds in form of
the cartoon style King symbol on reels 2,3 and 4. Because of it’s medium
volatility, scattered Wilds come quite often and help make the good
combinations of 50/60 times the bet that will keep you in play for long time waiting for a nice hit of few hundred times the bet. This medium and medium large wins are what most of the latest titles have neglected in order to increase the volatility. For example, Starburst’ popularity is largely due to simple game play and medium sized hits that hit every once in a while. This is what 40 Treasures offers, core gaming with a potential to win decent amount without emptying your purse in a short time. Check out two nice wins in a short period of time in this video.

Double up:

For any win of 25 and less, you can choose to play the double down feature. You can either try to guess the red or black to double your win, or even go for a card suit and quadruple it. Now, because there is no house advantage in the double up, this is the best bet in any Casino, offering the “true odds”. That means it is just like you are betting heads or tails with your friend. So, I definitely suggest to go for double up as often as possible, you will not find many games with this option. The only pity is, because it offers true odds, double up is limited up to certain amount. Check out in the video how the card colour was guessed twice for 16x win multiplication. 


40 Treasures is a very good game that will especially appeal to people that love to play fruit games. With true odds double up and stacked expanding wilds, it certainly offers good chances of winning medium sized amounts that can just make your day. Five of a kind does happen relatively often and then it depends on which symbol value you managed to combine. Check out the nice win in this video, helped with wild stacks in the middle!