Great Blue

slot review (Playtech)

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Graphics 56%
Sounds 30%
Fun 37%
Volatility 91%
Overall 44%

Regular game:

Continuing with the older classic games. Great Blue is not as old as Book of Ra or Lucky Lady’s Charm, let’s say this one is middle aged. Game speed is kind of slow, takes a while to show you all the lines where you won 5 cents each. Luckily, there is an option of Turbo mode that speeds things up a bit. Check out the comparison in this video.  



Great Blue was innovative at the time. For example, offering stacked wild multiplier symbols, Orcas in this case. They also double all wins so getting a few of those next to each other would keep you playing and waiting for the bonus round.   

You need to collect three seashells with pearls to enter the bonus, as usual. 



Bonus starts with 8 free spins and a 2x multiplier. But, in the intro to the bonus, you get to choose two shells and their value adds to the number of free spins and increases the multiplier. Obviously, this builds up the expectations of the free spins, it’s hard to win anything significant unless multiplier is good and the number of free spins is decent. The maximum you can start with are 33 free spins and 7x multiplier. But, you can win additional free spins during the bonus round indefinitely. 

This was innovative too. 


Great Blue was a great game at its time and paved the way to some innovative features that many will follow and build upon. It is still fun to play. I guess lining the orcas in the middle during the high multiplier in the bonus round is nice potential for huuuge wins, like this guy did in the video:    

Also, what I’ve noticed, that there are not many videos with real high view counts for Great Blue, but there are a lot of them with decent numbers. Meaning the game is popular among various locations in the world.