Fruit Warp

slot review (Thunderkick)

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Graphics 84%
Sounds 85%
Fun 87%
Volatility 87%
Overall 87%

Regular game:

And now, here is something completely different. No reels, no wilds no multipliers. Just a selection of 9 fruit dropping randomly on the screen. The game is not new anymore, but it was definitely innovative when it came out and it still is. It is very fast, the gameplay is simple and addictive and bonus rounds are fun and happen quite often. What else would you want?  

RTP is apparently at 97% and maximum payout is 11,000 times the bet. Not bad at all. 


Out of 9 fruit symbols appearing on the screen, you need to have at least 3 the same kind for a win. If you get 5, the bonus round starts with that particular type of fruit. If you get 4 of the same kind, then the other ones spin again, giving you a chance for a fifth one needed that will open the bonus. 

As simple as that. Great gameplay!


Bonus is a bit more complicated, but you will get to understand and like it pretty fast. So-called Warp Meter shows at the bottom of the screen, showing your progress and multiplier levels you are trying to reach. That will depend on the type of fruit collected. Every spin that you collect a fruit that triggered the bonus, it adds to the Warp meter. The bonus goes until you keep getting that fruit. If you get a spin without it, bonus will end. But, if you reach the level where the heart is, that will give you an extra “life”. Any three or more fruit combinations will win you some money in the bonus and will increase the multipliers by how many of the same fruits you won. At the end, bonus winnings get multiplied with the last level you reached. So, the trick is to keep getting the fruits that triggered the bonus, but at the same time making the 3 or more fruit combinations that make the bonus win amount. Fun! I managed to collect 19 times multiplier on bananas in this video.


Fruit Warp is in the league on its own by the style of gameplay. Usually, attempts to invent something different do not end up in glory, but this is a fun and exciting game. It is hard to get bored with it. On top of that, you will learn the names of some unusual fruits.

This guy managed to connect nice bonus round for 49 times the multiplier on a solid pitayas bonus win. Others were not bad either…