Dolphin's Pearl Deluxe

slot review (Novomatic)

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Graphics 28%
Sounds 22%
Fun 34%
Volatility 81%
Overall 46%

Regular game:

Dolphin’s Pearl is a classic game making its way from land-based Casinos online back in 2014. It is a clone of Lucky Lady’s Charm, the same gameplay, but different symbols. Luckily for Lucky Lady, it has 6 reel version, while Dolphin stayed at 5, and that seems to be a game-changer, more about that later. I would say Dolphin’s Pearl has slightly better graphics and also the sound is greatly improved to a super cool “biiip” when the Pearl symbol hits.  

The game has red/black card double up option and I guess that was all the fun back in good old days, check it out in this video.     



There are no stacked symbols, so you will depend on single ones lining on 10 possible lines. Dolphin symbols act as wild and double the wins. There are many small wins that will keep you sinking slowly, so you need to get into the bonus, 15 free spins with 3x multiplier, to get some chance of decent wins. 

The problem is that you will wait a looong time to get those three Pearl symbols. Now, since Lucky Lady 6 deluxe has six reels, that adds the chance to collect 3 bonus symbols. Dolphin Pearl has 5 reels, and bonuses are as rare as Yeti. You will grow old waiting for it.  


In this section, I usually post the video of the bonus round. But after two hours of playing and not hitting a single bonus round, I’ve decided to just embed YouTube video of somebody that has hit a bonus back in 1976 or so. But then I realized how annoying is the sound when you stop the game for a while and decided to go with that. 

Just listen to it. 


Looks like there are actually people stubborn enough to play this game until the bonus round hits. And then even managed to collect a few Dolphins for a nice hit. 

How did they get three more times 3 Pearls during the bonus (that awards 15 more free games) is beyond my understanding. Those are some lucky guys at Casino Daddy!

Unless you are middle-aged and this is the game that brings good memories to you, just don’t waste your time playing this.