Razor Shark

slot review (Push Gaming)

Graphics 92%
Sounds 92%
Fun 96%
Volatility 99%
Overall 95%

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Regular game:

Razor Shark is made by Push Gaming, a studio that has done some really good slots in recent times. The game covers 20 pay lines with 50 cents minimum bet. There is no wasting time on useless 0.05 wins and there are a few features that spice up the regular gameplay. Most important are the nudging Mystery Stacks. That is similar concept Push Gaming used with wilds on Tiki Tumble, but it is developed a bit further with Razor Shark. 

RTP is declared at 96,70% and maximum win is 50,000 the bet, which is just tremendous. Obviously, with that potential, volatility is very high.  


The first feature are the nudging Mystery Stacks symbols that appear as seagrass. Seagrass then opens, as what Mystery symbols usually do, to reveal a bunch od the same stacked symbols. This can be handy, especially if there are a few connected reels with mystery symbols like in this great win on this video. Reels with mystery symbols go down by one each spin, so the best option is to get only one on top of the screen as they always come in fours. That way, you will get more spins with the stacked Mystery Stacks. 

Seagrass can also turn to the Golden Sharks that each gives you a shot at a bet multiplier or a Scatter. Multipliers do sum, so it is nice to collect quite a few of them for a high multiplier. That’s called Razor Reveal feature. It is definitely not bad to get a 100x multiplier in one shot like in this video. 


Three bonus symbols are fun to expect! After a first one, tick tack clock sound adds to the excitement, then suspense builds up with Jaws music playing while expecting the third. Bonus starts with four Mystery symbols on reels 2 and 4 and bonus lasts as long as you have any of those on the screen. Meaning, if you get more seagrass mystery symbols during the first four spins, your overall multiplier keeps going up. If not, it’s over in four spins. If you are lucky enough to connect some more seagrass on first or middle reel, then you’re in business. 

Now, should the seagrass go to Razor Reveal feature and Scatters in the form of Sea Mines come out, they lift up the seagrass reels by one position each. That is great because it gives you more spins in free round, check it out in this video with 246 times the bet won in bonus. 


Yeah, it is a fun game, with some great features used both in regular game and in the bonus. That will keep you playing. Especially getting more Mystery symbol reels that make the bonus longer and therefore increase multipliers is super exciting. Maybe even you get lucky like German Youtuber Knossi that got the Seagrass turn to Golden Sharks exactly on 17 times multiplier during Bonus round. No wonder video got over 2 million views and is the main contributor to the popularity of Razor Shark. Cool game and nice Jackpot Knossi!